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Friday, December 21, 2007

John Scofield - Master Class ii V's

Here's a little transcription of John Scofield running through some ii V changes from a clinic I stumbled upon on YouTube. He's playing over ii V progressions descending in a circle of fifths resolving on B flat major. It's essentially just a sequence of ii V's a whole step apart. In the first measure, Scofield begins with an Ebm7b5 arpeggio and continues playing through the changes in a very straight forward way emphasizing the important leading tones. He also uses several other important concepts in the jazz vocabulary. The first is the chromatic walk up to the major third of a V chord. He plays this in measures 2, 4, the end of 9, the end of 19, and 23 on the Bbmaj. Two other good vocab ideas come in measures 11 and 13-14 with the triplet figure over the Dm7b5 and the interval of fourths in minor thirds over the F7 which comes from F diminished scale. Overall, a nice exercise on basic jazz vocabulary.

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Hakan Ozel said...

It's the last section of Stella By Starlight